Getting Started Instructions

Stream Smart Blue

Getting Started

Open your Box:

Take the AC Adapter out and plug it into a power source (wall outlet), then plug the other end into the back of the unit.  On the front of the unit you will see a Blue LED light.  This indicates that your unit is now powered on and booting up (you will also see the words “BOOT” on the front of the box).  Please wait until this is finished.  Now, unwrap the remote control and insert 2 AAA batteries (not included).

HDMI Connection:

Take the provided HDMI cord and plug it into the back of your unit, then take the other end and plug that into an available HDMI slot located on the back or side of your TV.  Using your TV remote, find the, ”Source” or “Input” button and select the input that the StreamSmartBlue player is plugged into.  Now look for the StreamSmartBlue logo to appear on your TV.

Welcome Screen:

This is the initial setup where you will be required to follow a few simple steps.  Press, “OK” on your remote and then select the language you want to use on the box.


Using the StreamSmartBlue remote control, press UP or DOWN arrow keys until the black borders appear on the edge of TV Screen (91% is the recommended size for most screens).  Now press “Next”.

Ethernet Setup (Go to next step if using Wi-Fi):

Plug an Ethernet cable into the back of the unit and the other end should be plugged into your router.  Click the Ethernet box located in the top right corner of your screen if it is not already selected and select “connect”.  A message will appear to the right of the screen indicating that you are connected, now click, “Finish”.

Wi-Fi Setup (Go to next step if using Ethernet):

Select the box that says Wi-Fi in the top left of your screen.  Locate the name of your Wi-Fi network on the list that populates and select it by highlighting the network and pressing, “OK” on your StreamSmartBlue remote.  Now you will need to enter your password if you have a secure Wi-Fi network.  HINT:  you can use the number keys on the remote control rather than switching the on screen keyboard back and forth from letters to numbers.  Once you have your password entered, press the, “connect” button on the screen.  HINT: you can select the, “show password” box to double check and make sure that you are entering your password correctly.  Once you see a message on the right of the screen indicating that you are connected click, “Finish”.

Home Screen:

You will now see the StreamSmart Home Screen.  You can control and access all of the Android Applications from this screen including the one you will use the most, your “Media Center”.

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