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Why StreamSmartBlue?

Never use cable or satellite TV again - All you need is an internet connection and an HD TV.

StreamSmartBlue Pro boxes allow you to take control of your entertainment costs.  Whether you are just looking to supplement your current cable/satellite situation, or you are looking to completely cut the cord, a StreamSmartBlue box can help you reach that goal.


Entertainment on your terms.  Watch TV, MOVIES, SPORTS and A LOT MORE!

StreamSmartBlue boxes essentially give you free access to every show and movie ever made.  If the content is hosted on the internet anywhere, the StreamSmartBlue box will likely have access to it.  This means you can watch what you want, when you want, all without commercials.  StreamSmartBlue boxes also give you access to live tv broadcasts.



You only pay one time with StreamSmartBlue!

Reduce or completely eliminate your monthly subscriptions and cable/satellite costs!  Here's an example of a typical persons home entertainment bills BEFORE StreamSmartBlue:


 Get potential savings of $1,126 or more within the first year of owning StreamSmartBlue!


Keep that money in your wallet every month with StreamSmartBlue!





We Have Premium Channel Providers

We have negotiated agreements with many Subscription Channel Providers so you do not have to pay subscription fees!  If you have a different streaming box, you would have to pay extra fees every month to get the add-ons that we provide for our customers for FREE.  We will continue to add to this great growing list of premium add-on providers, creating more value for you as a StreamSmartBlue media player owner.


When we add a new channel partner, it will be loaded into your box through the automatic updates.  Customers that have registered their StreamSmartBlue box will receive an email update with details.



You can use this box anywhere;

              • at home

              • a friends house

              • on the road

              • anywhere!  If you can connect to the internet, you can stream!




    This is a rapidly growing market.  Over 10,000 new customers per month experience StreamSmartBlue’s value and you’re next!


    Phone: 650.485.1234

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